March 17, 1923: Journal Entry

17 March, 1923

My trip to India was a success in many ways. Not only did I travel around and see some lovely sites, but I also met quite a few scholars who told me that I must come and work with them when I am not occupied in Egypt. I am not sure whether they are eager to have my mind or my money, and am therefore somewhat hesitant to accept their offer. I am not interested in sitting on the sidelines and watching them dig, and that is what I am sure they will try to do. No matter, though, for I will not have time this year to make another journey, so I will not worry about it right now.

Nonetheless, I have been working on learning to read Sanskrit, and am doing tolerably well. If I do decide to go to India, at least I will be well prepared and will show them that I am much more than a walking pocketbook.

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