May 30, 1921: Obituary clipping; May 30, 1921: Journal Entry

30 May 1921

There are no words to express the sense of loss that I feel. Even more so because Peter has been driven nearly insane by the loss. He even stopped so far as to blame ME, to say that the amulet I sent her had somehow poisoned her. That is completely nonsense, as every person with a brain and a library knows that the Eye of Horus is a sign of protection. He has refused any further contact. I can only imagine what horrid rumours he is spreading about me in England. Luckily he is acting too rashly and madly to be heeded.

Despite our falling out, I can only wish him well. He must shape up if he is to take care of Melinda. I wonder if she will be as pretty as Priscilla was one day. I must save my favourite picture of her mother for her, for surely she will wish to have it one day.

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