April 23, 1924: Journal Entry II

23 April, 1924


I received a letter from Peter this afternoon, and I confess that I feel quite guilty for not having gone to see him sooner, but I know that it was probably for the best that I stayed here today. I am sure that he will be interested in what I have learned, little though it may be in the grand scheme of things. But it is good that I know where the others seem to stand on the issue of the intruders. No one else seems to suspect what I do, or at least if any of them does, then they have not made it clear. I did not feel at my best when it came to reading people today, though, so perhaps I will have better luck at a later time, once I have fully recovered and have managed to catch up on my rest.

The most enjoyable part of the day was having tea with John, though I could not help but notice that he was apprehensive and troubled about something—though what that might be I cannot say. I suppose that he does not know me well enough to offer any confidences, though I hope that he will feel more comfortable doing so with time. There may be some potential there, or perhaps he can read me like a book and is merely humouring me. Time will tell, I suppose.

As for Jim, well, I do not think that he will ever open up to me, or in fact to anyone. I am normally quite good at putting people at ease, but when we were alone in the tent I was powerless. I should try to befriend him, though, for perhaps he will put himself at ease with a bit of effort on my part.

I spent most of the late afternoon and evening copying the symbols from the bricks and also Jim’s notes on them. There is still more work to be done, but I will do my best to rise early and continue the task before going to see Peter. If I cannot quite drag myself out of bed with the sunrise, I suppose I can finish it later in the day. I don’t know why I feel so compelled to have it done as soon as possible. It seems unlikely that there will be another break-in, but it is never wise to let down one’s guard.

And now, which such thoughts in mind, I must put out the light and do my best to sleep.

Also, I have several cotton balls to stuff into my ears tonight, just in case those wicked animals have any intention of disturbing my slumber again.

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